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 The New Plique-a-jour Collection

Plique-a-jour brings a surprise pop of brilliant color into each piece of jewelry. Every dot of transparent enamel is inlayed by hand and kiln-fired ⎯ a true labor of love.

Explore the new collection and begin to collect your own pieces of visible light!

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Hand Hammered

18k Bimetal Crescent Necklace


Beaded Fringe Chain


Fringe Chandeliers




Handmade in San Francisco

Hilary personally makes every piece of jewelry to order in her sunny San Francisco studio. It’s a true labor of love and happiness. Each hammer mark, dot of glass, and hand-formed ear wire takes time and skill. What this means is that each piece of jewelry is a one-of-a-kind. It means that metal, time, and energy are not wasted to create back stock for unknown orders. Please allow 2-4 weeks production time for your order.

Most importantly, enjoy your new, original Hilary Finck jewelry!

Read more about Hilary and her process.


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