5 Best Alternative Gems for Engagement Rings

Diamond Ring

If you're not all that captivated by traditional round, white diamonds, then you may be wondering what you'd want for an engagement ring instead. You've probably heard that “A diamond is forever”, but you're still not convinced it's the right choice for you.

In 1947, a clever female copywriter came up with that catchy slogan for De Beers. It targeted the middle class to position diamonds as the ultimate symbol of love, and people were all for it. Even now, some don't want anything but a white diamond engagement ring with the best 4Cs in their budget.

But being quite honest, white diamonds aren't everyone's cup of tea. If you aren't blinded by the sparkle of diamonds and want a truly unique piece, keep reading! We'll explore five of the best alternative gems for engagement rings.

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#1 Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings

Salt and pepper diamonds are also known as "galaxy diamonds" because they look like a starry night sky. They have black and white inclusions, or tiny “flaws”, that give them a speckled appearance. Salt and pepper diamonds are a perfect choice for a meaningful piece of jewelry like an engagement ring because no two are alike.

Why choose a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring?
  • Uniqueness. Salt and pepper diamonds have patterns that vary highly.
  • Eye-catching. Their famous “flaws” have a unique beauty and a lot of character.
  • Versatility. The white and black color combination is timeless and matches any outfit, exactly what you need in an engagement ring.

#2 Rustic Diamond Engagement Rings

If you embrace all things “perfectly imperfect”, a rustic diamond engagement ring might be for you. Rustic diamonds are different from the usual polished diamonds. These are natural diamonds that come in all kinds of colors and shapes, and they're available in different levels of clarity.

Why choose a rustic diamond engagement ring?
  • Varied charm. They have "flaws" and quirks that make them charming and special. Also, their value lies in their uniqueness.
  • One-of-a-kind appeal. You can pick a color and shape that suits you best and shows your personality.
  • Colorful. They're not your regular white diamonds. They can be found in varying colors, and they possess interesting inclusions that make them stand out.
Rustic Diamond Ring

#3 Sapphire Engagement Rings

The most recognizable sapphires are blue, but they're also available in every color under the rainbow. Sapphires are also very resistant and durable, making them perfect for everyday wear. They have historical and cultural significance, representing faithfulness, wisdom, and royalty.

Why choose a sapphire engagement ring?
  • Durable and highly valued. Sapphire is one of the hardest gemstones, second only to diamond. It can resist scratches and chips that could easily break other gems.
  • Symbolism. It can express your love and commitment with deep-set cultural meaning, as a sapphire represents fidelity.
  • Refined and beautiful. They come in rich hues and various shapes and sizes that can complement any outfit and style.
Sapphire Ring

#4 Opal Engagement Rings

Opal shines and sparkles in different hues, which makes engagement rings look magical. They're not as hard as diamonds or sapphires, but they can last a long time if set in a well-crafted, protective setting. If you want an extra special engagement ring, you might like opal.

Why choose an opal engagement ring?
  • Whimsical. Opals have a unique play of colors and light that can change depending on the angle and the lighting.
  • Vibrant. An opal has a rainbow of colors that can brighten up any look and mood.
  • Meaningful. This gem has a lot of symbolism and significance in different cultures and traditions. It can represent love, happiness, creativity, and harmony.
Opal Ring

#5 Tourmaline Engagement Rings

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone that comes in many colors and shapes. It's very colorful, lively, and a great choice for an eye-catching engagement ring. It's not as hard as diamond or sapphire, but it's slightly better suited for everyday ring wear than opal.

Why choose an opal engagement ring?
  • Captivating. It has a range of hues and crystal formations.
  • Spiritual significance. Some cultures assign meaning and energetic properties to tourmaline, depending on its color.
  • Budget-friendly. Tourmaline makes engagement rings that stand out without breaking the bank.
Tourmaline Ring

Creating Your Own Unique Engagement Ring

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