An Inside Look at Hilary's Passion for Enhydro Quartz in Jewelry Design

Enhydro quartz, a gemstone shrouded in the mysteries of time, has always intrigued Hilary. Enhydros are unique treasures, ancient geological artifacts encapsulated in quartz, and her work transforms them into wearable art. They also happen to get a lot of attention on Instagram!

In this Q&A session, we'll explore Hilary's deep appreciation for enhydro quartz. If you want to learn more about this unique crystalline mineral, read this blog post first. Join us on this journey to discover the magic of enhydros through the eyes of a passionate artist.

What first drew you to working with enhydro quartz, and how does it inspire your designs?

I find enhydro quartz fascinating. It holds ancient water and gas, encapsulating geological history in wearable art. I prefer open settings to showcase the enhydro from all angles. Rings, in particular, allow me to fidget and admire the enhydro personally. It's about connecting with history through simplicity and beauty.

How do you think the "captured" nature of water within enhydro quartz complements your signature Captured setting? Was pairing them together a conscious choice?

I find enhydro pendants with open front and back settings to be a perfect match. It's not always a conscious choice, but I'm naturally drawn to unique stones, and enhydros are right up my alley.

What makes enhydro quartz more difficult to get, and why are you only able to offer it in limited quantities?

Quality enhydro quartz is hard to come by. I'm selective and don't settle for just any enhydros. I ensure the bubbles are lively, and I prefer the quartz to be as clear as possible. This meticulous approach can make sourcing the right ones quite challenging.

What are some unique challenges you face when working with enhydro quartz compared to other materials, and how do you overcome them?

For rings, the stone's positioning is crucial to maximize the enhydro's interaction with the wearer's finger movements. Not every orientation of the stone achieves the best movement and engagement.

Is there a particular piece you’ve created with enhydro quartz that holds special significance for you or that you really love? If so, why?

I have a special fondness for the first parabola ring I created; it sold immediately. Its outsized nature is not for those who prefer dainty jewelry but rather for those who want to make a bold style statement.


The teardrop enhydro pendant in 18k gold holds a special place in my heart. Its magnificent enhydro, with the mesmerizing floating jet-black carbon inside, presented a unique challenge. I wanted to maximize the stone's luminosity, so I designed tabs to hold the crossbars instead of a gold bezel encompassing the entire height. These tabs introduce a modern, utilitarian, and somewhat brutalist element to the piece, making it truly distinctive.


How do your customers typically react to your enhydro quartz creations? Are there any memorable responses that stand out to you?

Enhydros never fail to captivate people, and it's no surprise given their incredible geological significance. The profound connection to the Earth's history is undeniable.

The overwhelming response to the first parabola ring on Instagram has been truly remarkable. With nearly 200k likes, 4,000 shares, and 23k saves, it's astonishing to witness how a piece of jewelry can go viral in such a way.

What advice would you give to aspiring jewelry designers who want to work with unique, lesser-known materials?

Don't hesitate—just go for it. When your passion for the materials you use shines through, it will be evident in the final product. Customers are naturally drawn to that passion and the unique qualities of the stones you work with.

It's evident that Hilary's passion for enhydro quartz has breathed life into the world of jewelry design. Her ability to harness the ancient geological wonders within these stones and turn them into wearable art is nothing short of remarkable. Hilary's commitment to quality, her creative vision, and her innovative approach have captured the hearts of those who appreciate the beauty of these unique gems. To shop all of Hilary's creations, visit this page.