Hilary's Inspiration For The New Captured Stud Earrings

Hilary has a soft spot for a playful "stud party". Ahead of her Captured Collection's latest release, she delved into the inspiration and intricate journey of crafting these studs—from stone selection to the final polish. While the collection showcases distinct materials and designs, there’s an unwavering focus on practicality and craft. Dive in for a closer look at this intriguing collection.

What inspired the latest stud earrings drop?

I kind of love the term 'stud party'. For my clients who don't always want statement earrings, I source unique petite gemstone pairs from my trusted dealers. The finished studs are perfect for an 'ear party' with multiple piercings. They also photograph so well together that I have to release more than one pair at a time!

Hand Holding Bezels

Can you walk us through the design process from idea to final product?

I start by examining my stones, determining which make good pairs—even if they're slightly mismatched. Next, I decide which ones to use immediately or save for later. I always craft some designs in silver to cater to those looking for more affordable options. The intricate process includes measuring, sawing, soldering, fitting, drilling, filing, sanding, stamping, cleaning, polishing, and finally setting the stones. There's a lot of precision and passion in every step, especially with my Captured studs.

Have you introduced any new materials or techniques in this collection?

Yes, I've ventured into creating turquoise bead studs. It's a first for me, and I'm genuinely thrilled about them.

Soldering on Ear Wires


How do these earrings complement the lifestyles of your customers?

There are days when simplicity speaks volumes. These studs are effortless, versatile, and fit seamlessly with any outfit. Plus, for those with multiple piercings, they're perfect to pair alongside bolder pieces.

Were there any challenges or revelations during the design or production phases?

Working with such petite studs can be quite challenging—holding onto them during sanding, filing, and polishing can be tough on the fingers. This experience taught me the importance of balance. In the future, I plan to integrate studs with other collections featuring larger pieces, for the sake of my fingertips!

Earring Settings

What's the best way for customers to style these earrings for a standout look?

Embrace the 'ear party'! Use the captured studs in your first or second holes. If they're in the first, complement them with delicate gold studs in the subsequent holes. For a bolder look, pair statement earrings or hoops in the first holes and let the Captured studs shine in the second.

Are there any unique features or details in this collection that customers should be on the lookout for?

Definitely! Keep an eye out for the exclusive ruby and green tourmaline studs—they tend to be snatched up quickly. I'm particularly thrilled about the bolder pieces: the square cultured coin pearls and the Amaroo turquoise studs. If you're after statement studs, those are the ones to watch.

Earring Settings

How do you see your studs collection evolving in the future?

While I love creating these pieces, producing an entire collection at once is taxing on my fingertips. Going forward, I might create studs incrementally or consider teaming up with a bench assistant. Crafting them is intensive, especially as a solo endeavor.

Ready to scoop up a pair or two for yourself? Visit this page to shop the existing Captured studs inventory, but don't hesitate - because when one's gone, it's gone!

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