Re-Introducing Hilary Finck! Meet the Creative Force Behind the Jewelry

We have something special for you—a behind-the-scenes look at the creative mind of Hilary Finck. In this Q&A session, Hilary shares her inspirations, favorite gemstones, and some delightful tidbits about her life as a jewelry designer. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to her unique creations, you're sure to find something fascinating in her journey and daily studio life. So enjoy getting to know Hilary a little better.

Since your jewelry is so gem-driven, we need to know: what’s your favorite gemstone to work with and why?

HF: Opals, especially boulder opals, are my favorite. Each one is unique, and I love the flash of color within them. They are mesmerizing, and I enjoy the geological story behind how they are created. My clients love them the most, so it's fun to make new pieces for them.

Where do you draw inspiration for your new designs?

HF: I draw inspiration from architecture (Art Deco, Brutalist, Modernist), gemstones themselves, plants, furniture design, nature, and previous HFJ pieces. I like modifying pieces and making a progression of designs based on an initial design.

What’s a day in the life of a jewelry designer like? Anything that would surprise people about your typical day?

HF: Being in the studio is very solitary, but I like that. It recharges me, giving me energy for parenting and other relationships. I listen to podcasts and music all day, and I'm currently learning Spanish, so I listen to Spanish lessons too. Sometimes I'll even get up and start dancing if a particular song takes hold—why not, no one is looking! I usually get to my studio around 9 am and leave around 4 pm. Most days I don't take breaks, but I don't feel like I need to because I'm usually in the flow. I try to designate one day a week for "admin" stuff, and that feels great too—it keeps me on track and prevents somewhat annoying tasks from stacking up.

Do you have a favorite piece in your current ready-to-ship collection? Why do you love it?

HF: It's impossible to choose just one, but I love the Enhydro Quartz Teardrop Pendant mostly because of the geological story around it. Visually, I like the big band of 18K gold that surrounds it and the x-crossbars that hold it in place. It's a fun piece as you're able to watch the air bubbles and carbon float around. I'm also a big fan of the new Nesting Bangle. I'd like to make one for myself. I can see myself wearing it every day. It's comfortable, sleek, modern, and classic. It will never go out of style.

Can you share a fun/unusual fact about the process of creating your jewelry that most people might not know?

HF: Most of my tools and equipment are nearly 25 years old. If you keep tools in good shape, then you don't usually need to replace them. I don't require a ton of equipment to make my jewelry. It's a fairly simple setup, and there are a few tools I use almost every time I make a piece: my scribe, planishing hammer, steel ruler, favorite size of drill bit #73 (which is 0.6mm in diameter), flat nose pliers, and my little torch. I couldn't live without these tools.

What’s the most rewarding part of being a jewelry designer?

HF: I love working for myself and setting my own schedule, doing work that I truly love. It's also really fun to interact with my clientele and see them get excited about new designs or new pieces they have bought. And my collectors—I have to say it is extremely rewarding to have a devoted group of collectors who cheer me on and gobble up pieces as they become available. It's a very unique and gratifying relationship.

Which one of your own jewelry pieces do you wear the most?

HF: It's a four-way tie between my Rivet and Ring Bangle, Hammered Bar Necklace, Spike Studs, and a Captured Dendritic Agate Ring. This is pretty much my daily armor.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Hilary's inspirations, creative process, and favorite pieces. Her passion for jewelry design shines through in every piece she creates, and her dedication to her craft is truly inspiring. Stay tuned for more updates and beautiful creations from Hilary Finck Jewelry!