Captured Siberian Cat's Eye Nephrite Jade Charm

Captured within a warm and rich 14k gold setting, this Siberian Nephrite Jade features a mesmerizing cat's eye chatoyancy—a rare optical phenomenon that creates a captivating band of light across the surface of the jade, reminiscent of a feline's eye. The classic oval shape accentuates the natural allure of the stone, and the pendant features a forged bail, adding a touch of artisanal elegance.

Jade has long been revered in various cultures for its metaphysical properties and deep spiritual significance. In ancient traditions, jade is believed to be a stone of protection, promoting harmony, balance, and positive energy. It is thought to attract good luck and friendship, making it a cherished talisman for those seeking prosperity and enduring relationships. The cat's eye chatoyancy within this Siberian Nephrite Jade pendant adds an extra layer of mystique, symbolizing intuition and insight,

When you wear this pendant, you carry a piece of nature's artistry, making a bold statement with its timeless elegance and individuality.

One of a kind.

14k gold, Siberian jade.

1 3/4 x 3/4 inch pendant.

This charm would pair perfectly with Hilary's Hand Hammered Mixed Links Chain or the Hammered Bar Necklace.